Sitek's Philosophy

Pronunciation: fĭ`lǒs´ô`fŷ

Definition: The critical study of the basic principles and concepts of a particular branch of knowledge, esp. with a view to improving or reconstituting them.

Our ideal client realizes the need for organization and planning of their IT efforts. You see the advantages of having professionals provide these services on a contract or on-call basis. IT is what we do; every working day of every week of every year…and we’ve been doing IT for a while. Due to this we see a lot of different technologies and encounter many ways in which businesses use technology to succeed.

Our relationships with clients are usually long-term and we get to know many aspects of their respective businesses. One of the key roles that we play is to provide a link between our client’s business goals and Information Technology. In the old days, the accountants and business planners did their jobs and the “computer guys” did their job. As IT professionals, we have realized the need for a direct relationship between business goals and the technology that is required to serve those goals. We realize that fiscal responsibility is a key part of running a successful business. That philosophy extends to our role in servicing your IT needs.

Over time we also get to know the individual personalities of the staff members. We realize that our job is to make the staff happy and we strive to do so. For the most part that means resolving a technical obstacle. However, it also involves dealing with different personalities. We try our best to set accurate expectations, communicate well and be supportive of every job role.

We do not actively pursue hardware or software sales. We feel this gives us the freedom to be unbiased when making recommendations. We work with a number of vendors that are well positioned to provide hardware & software for our clients. There are times where it is beneficial for us to supply products directly to the client (due to time constraints, etc.). We are positioned to facilitate this and will provide products directly to clients if the need arises or if it is the client’s preference.