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Systems Integrator

Can you look at your technology goals for the next 12 months and see how that fits within the operating budget of you business? We can provide that view.

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We care. While we specifically seek out individuals with talent, we choose to work with those that can also empathize with our clients.

If you are affected, we are affected.

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1 day or 7 days?

Choose your own support plan! Choose from 1 or 7 days a week; a seasoned IT Professional will meet your business need.

Custom Support Plans

Managed Services

Choose one of our managed service plans for your systems. These plans fit well with clients that want predictable monthly costs.

Contracted IT Management

A seasoned technician will visit your business on a scheduled weekly basis. This can be 1 or more days per week; whatever suits your business needs.

Hourly IT Support

Call us as the need arises.


Information Technology is what we are all about at SiTek; with a focus on the service side of the industry. We are a Vancouver, Canada based IT consulting and management firm. Our primary goal is servicing small to medium sized businesses for their IT needs. We are prepared to provide support in all aspects of IT management. This includes everything from creating budgets or disaster recovery solutions to simply troubleshooting & repair of a workstation.

It’s a difficult decision to select an IT company and ultimately, the truth is in the job that we do. Please request our references. However, we feel that the best way for you to see how we operate is to experience it. Give us a try with no obligations. Call us with a technical issue and base your decision on our performance. If you are not completely satisfied, we won’t charge you.

We're a call away!

Give us a call to find out if our skills and work ethic are a good fit for your business.


Just a call away!