Systems Technologist

We’re looking for the right person to join our team and help us grow! You as a candidate already know you are bound for a technical career in IT and are well on that path. This position suits an individual that has started working in business network environments but still has a lot to learn (don’t we all? J).

You’re also self-motivated, enthusiastic, goal-oriented, success driven, and want know why…Why doesn’t this work? Why do this the old way when I think this way could be better?

You will be working in production client environments so you must already have a keen sense of what to touch and what not to touch. You would be working with a Systems Engineer for the first month or so then would be largely working on your own. If you are self-motivated and care about the work you do, you will do well. If not, this job isn’t for you.

Personal Traits 

  • Positive attitude
  • Must have a personal interest in Information Technology (life-long learner).
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Personable and presentable when dealing with people.
  • Enjoys functioning in a technical support-based environment. Must want to help people, not just resolve issues.
  • The ability to listen and communicate with clients. This position would ideally suit a person that realizes that there are things that he/she is not good at therefore does not talk down to others. Rather she/he is a person that can comfortably talk to clients in simple terms (i.e. save the acronyms for DEFCON)
  • The technical skills to solve software/hardware problems in a business environment. If you can’t immediately solve the problem (nobody knows everything), you can confidently set expectations with the client and return when you can solve the problem.
  • Must be able to think on your feet and, when problem solving, change direction if necessary.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and work under pressure.
  • Be open to researching new technology, methods and ideas.

Technical Skills 

  • The successful applicant must have at least 1 year of recent experience working on computer networks in different client environments.
  • Microsoft Operating Systems (Desktop skills a must. Bonus points for Server and Active Directory skills).
  • Troubleshooting general Business apps and workflow issues (MS Office, etc.).
  • A very good understanding of common business network architectures (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.).

Troubleshooting skills. The ability to diagnose and/or research a problem and resolve it.


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