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From the CEO… This is the first blog on our new site and we are moving into a new era for Sitek. In 1999 I started this company with a simple goal. Keep doing what I loved, IT. It’s now some years down the road and I’m still doing IT, along with a few other passionate Sitek employees. Technology has changed immensely in this industry but some simple principles are still resoundingly true.

  1. It’s still about people. Technology provides the tools but our clients are people.
  2. Business continuity is paramount.
  3. Care.
  4. Be fair.

I recently had the good fortune to spend some time working with a very, very large systems integrator. The experience really drove home these simple truths and the void some businesses feel with their IT partners. It also illuminated the differences in how we treat our client relationships at Sitek and where our compelling value stands.

While we look towards growth on the horizon for Sitek, our basic business principles shall remain the foundation of how we service our clients. This is how we choose to work as individuals and how we choose to work as a team.

Thanks to all of our clients for your business and your trust in us.

Best Regards,

Mike Siemens

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